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I finally bought some of Tumbling Dice' 1/600th aircraft after walking past their stall at nearly every show in the Southwest over a 4 year period and always saying "nice, but I just don't fancy another period".

My best mate (who is also a gamer) always loved the idea of Korean Mig V Sabres, so I thought a starter pack for under a tenner wouldn't break the bank. Little did I know that this would lead me to a painting a large collection of aircraft not only for Korea but also for Vietnam and now slightly more modern periods.

With my interest rekindled I looked at what interested me in the area of air combat. It wasn't pure dog fighting but actually putting together integrated strike packages, get them to the target and home again. So in terms of rules I wanted two approaches. One was to have a quick set to get the models on the table and play with friends, and the second was to allow me to model the techincal level of detail that was interesting (to me) but could mean a harder game to get to grips with.

For the Modern area two rules sets were out there that would fit the bill. One was dedicated miniatures set the other was a board game but had potential for conversion to use with Miniatures.

  • Downtown is a boardgame that I came across which could allow me to playout, using miniatures, complete Strikes into North Vietnam. Published by GMT games it is resource friendly from the game designers website . Secondly both GMT and Lee Brimmicombe-Wood gave me permission to reproduce some of the player aids for the conversion to miniatures.

  • Since the publication of DT, The Team have developed an Arab-Israeli variant called Elusive Victory which introduces later generation weaponry and defences this is in print but as yet we aren't too sure about the solo side of the game but will include some information for those interested.

For World War II I was faced with three areas (probably) I could do Battle of Britain, or the daylight raids over Germany or the night raids. I discounted the night raids quite early on which leaves me with the US Daylight raids or the Battle of Britain. As I had purchased a pack of the TD Early War Luftwaffe my choice was made (well current choice is made)
  • So first up was to get cracking and get the unpainted led sorted out which would then kick start me into looking at the rules and mechanisms needed. For now this will take you to the Luftwarffe Forces. Once I have these done then I can start looking at the RAF Defenders but this will all depend on the rules selected.

  • US Daylight raids hasn't gone away but currently lack the reference material to make this a viable diversion.

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