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I have had Colonial forces for as long as I can remember.  The problem being that I couldn't decide to stick with 15mm or divert into 10mm.  The end result is that I have both scales but 15mm has my current favour.  My 15mm Colonial forces are painted for operations on the North West Frontier. 

Taken me about a year to finally decide which way to go for my forlorn NWF empire forces. I toyed with the multiple figures per base idea but actually came back to the idea of some "proper old school" gaming and have individually based my 15mm forces.  In terms of rule sets I am using both Patrols In The  Sudan by PP as well The Sword And The Flame using the individually based figures and things work out quite well.  I tend to double up on PITS though as a section of seven or so British Infantry doesn't look right.

Figures are all 15mm Peter Pig from the Sudan range (ooops not completely true, One of the kneeling gun crew is a japanese crewman with a headswop and the lancers are from the WW1 British range again with a head swop).

2.5" Screw Gun with Indian Crew figures (Head swop using the PP Turban head)
British Heliograph team with some Mule Drivers in the background (PP Turban Head swop)

 More Mule Drivers
British Section in two ranks using GW movement trays to keep the unit together until I decide on how to keep unit formations "tidy".
Vie of another British Section
Guides or other Indian Cavalry.  PP WW1 British Lancers mixed with Sudan range Cavalry all with the PP Pointy Top Turban head swop.
I have done one figure in 4 with a lance from a reference in one of the books which mentioned that particular ratio.
How the troops were going to be based with Mule Teams in the foam trays and on top (note still haven't redone the mules).
PP Sudan figures pressed into Generic NWF tribesmen.
Same figures different view.
Indian Infantry made from the PP Sudan British with the Pointy Top Turban head swop.

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