Friday, 5 October 2012

Postman delivers

After receiving an email notification that my Plastic Soldier Company order had shipped I was worried said package would arrive when the DCOS was at home and some interesting questions would be asked. 

Tuesday came and went and nothing had shown and with a late start on Wednesday there was a good chance of interception.  Nothing.  Thursday was a long day away and I arrived home expecting a grilling.  Still nothing.  I was beginning to despair and ask questions of PSC delivery methods. 

Friday morning working from home I happened to discover a pile of letters that the Dog Walker had kindly picked up out of the hall and put somewhere safe.  A Royal Mail Red notice!  from days ago....Salvation.  I could nip off to the Post Office later and retrieve and sneak the package into the Garage under the nose of the DCOS.

So three packs of vehicles: Sdkfz 251/1, T-34 and PZ IV; Now waiting for this afternoon to be glued together and sprayed before being hidden in the painting box....I have had those for ages darling, just thought it would be nice to do some painting ;)

Moral:  Trust PSC, Check the post yourself, work from home more often

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  1. So its not just me Si! Hide the evidence. Once its in the lead/plastic pile she'll never know. perhaps i should invest in a PO box!