Thursday, 22 November 2012

WOTR - New Generals (Part 7)

Following some useful advice over on TMP this is the first of the "new" generals using Historical Heraldic and Livery colours.  This one should be from the Beaufort Family in his guise as "Somerset" supporting the House of Lancaster

Not decided yet on the orientation of the flags and unfortunately my brushwork isn't good enough to paint the heraldic detail on the tabard of the figure.  I had a go but not happy with the result.

Also not completely happy on the size of the Heraldic flags that I downloaded from Vexillia.  As they are a PDF file you can resize them but not too sure whether my old ones are too small and these are right or the these are too big and the old ones are correct.  I have a set on order from Freezywater so will reserve judgement until then.

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