Thursday, 22 November 2012

WOTR - Progess (Part 6)

Part 6 of my WOTR update.  The second army's core elements have been completed as a result of an overnight hotel stay.  The last 30 Figures finished and then the whole army based.

School boy error on my part, as I didn't know any better when I started this 4 years ago is that the livery colours are the wrong way round for a historical force based on the major leaders from the House of York.  Working on the premise of "lower left" for interpreting Standards I could just cheat and say these were Lord Hastings forces.

Livery Flags or Heraldic Flags not yet decided upon.  The two flags on these are from my orginal forces and are "generic" flags.  The new captains haven't been decided on. I have a choice for adding either the main Livery flags which means that It would be easier to then add units to either side by the simple mechanism of swapping the correct flag or adding the captains Heraldic flag to the unit.  I could go a step both ways and actually have both flags on a captain base.  Something to consider in the future but these are good enough to game with.
Detailing still needed, Scabbards need colour and the flights on the arrows need to be done as well, but from the 2 foot playing distance good enough to get the toys out and on the table and not be ashamed.

In terms of points/composition each army weighs in at 650 pts.  2 Units of Levy, 4 Retinue, 1 Household unit of H2H troops, Light Gun, 3 Generals.

Unallocated box/spares will be worked on after I take a break from paining these and put some WW2 tanks together.

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