Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nightfighter - GMT Games Conversion (Part 3)

Replayed Scenario 3 tonight.  This time I delayed the entry of the first bomber  to allow two bombers to enter on Turn 3.  This allowed meant that Josh's usual tactic of waiting for two turns with the Nightfighter on the Radio Beacon while he localised the attack with the Freya and Wurzburg was frustrated.

Pushing the two wellingtons down columns 03 and 14 at Speed 2* gave reasonable separation and the Radar Searches still weren't helping so Josh committed the Ju-88C-2 down the centre right of the board.  Concentrating both radars on one target he soon had the 14 Column Wellington bracketed and the Ju-88 approaching from astern.  The Wellington made it into the Searchlight zone before being tallied.  Despite rolling on the response table the crew made no attempt at corkscrew or defensive fire and were lucky that despite a +5 FP roll the first round of shooting went wide.  The Crew now alerted failed to respond on a second chance.  Next turn still fixed they at least managed to respond before the attack but the Experten modifier allowed the Ju-88 to get in and this time rolled a enough hits.  The Ju-88 narrowly avoided the ensuing explosion but luckily found himself point back down the board to where the final Wellington had entered Column 17 on turn 6.

While the searchlight fix and tally on the second Wellington were doing their thing, Josh put the Freya and Wurzburg to good effect looking for the last Wellington.  Again it didn't take long to localise the aircraft and when it appeared in the Searchlight zone it was tallied from nearly maximum distance by the Ju-88.  With four turns of combat against the Expert Ju-88 to face we decided to call it a day and award the Luftwaffe a decisive victory.

From a minis perspective we have identifed that a simple 40mm diameter white disc will do quite nicely for a Searchlight fix and a dark green one with a cathode type sweep would do for both Search markers and AI fixes.

Things are progressing well and I put together three B-29 this morning before Rugby, two of which are now black and the third has been basecoated with Alumunium waiting for decals and markings.

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