Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nightfighter - Scratch Building He-219 "Uhu"

One of Scenarios in GMT Games Nightfighter requires a pair of He-219 "Uhu" as a variant.  Following on from the Ta-154 Moskito I thought about scratch building this as well.

Lessons Identified from last time were take your time.  This I did and some early build work was completed last night.  I finished the aircraft off when I came home from work this evening and following an hour or so in the Airing Cupboard was 90% finished.  I haven't added callsigns/Staffel information yet but that will follow.

The Decals on the upper wings are too large, for some reason I don't have any LW German Cross' in 1/600th only 1/300th.  So had to use these (I didn't HAVE to use them I just didn't have the patience to wait).

A bit of droop on the wings which will need to be sorted out with a bit of judicious brute force in the morning.


  1. That's really very good, especially the cockpit and the wing plan.

    Well done!