Friday, 22 March 2013

I promised, but.........

Something a bit different then...American War of Independence

I am not sure why I have gone into this period.  I think it is because I wanted something with a bit of colour with healthy doses of confusion and nothing too rigid.  I have liked the look of PP AWI range since they came out and my youngest enjoyed an AWI game at one of the shows.  Not the strongest arugment for a new period but not the weakest either.

British Grenadier on its way from Caliver Books and the starter forces listed below from PP.  I only wanted something small to start with but even this in excess of 300 figures.  Should keep me busy until the end of the year !

British (Brigade +)
1.  British Line Infantry Advancing (B)   6 Packs
2.  British Line Infantry foot command (A)  3 Packs
4.  British Light Infantry (B)    2 Packs
5.  British Light Infantry command (B)   1 Pack
55. British Grenadiers advancing with Bayoynet (A) 2 Packs
57. British Grenadiers or line battalion command (A) 1 Pack
32. Mounted British Generals    1 Pack

Generics for either side
93. Dragoon horse holders    1 Pack
34. Battalion Guns     1 Pack
35. Field Guns      1 Pack
36. Crew in Rough clothing    1 Pack
33. Crew in Tricorne     1 Pack
41. Crew in Round Hat     1 Pack

Markers and odds
43. Disorder Markers     2 Pack
44. Casualty Markers     2 Pack
47. Ladies waving     1 Pack
54. Happy workers     1 Pack
59. Dead Markers     1 Pack
45. Low on Ammo      1 Pack
46. Extra Ammo      1 Pack

The Patriots/Rebels depending on which side of history you sit
58. Tatty Continentals     3 Packs
77. Continental Infantry loading   1 Pack
20. American Line Infantry in Hunting Shirt  2 Packs
22. American Line Infantry Command   2 Packs
23. Militia Command Standing    1 Pack
31. Mounted Generals (American)    1 Pack

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  1. Good choice - the PP figures are lovely sculps. Have you looked at He's got some lovely photo's of PP awi.