Sunday, 15 September 2013

NWF - Valley of Fire Clarifications

This page will coral any questions that have arisen from playing VoF to be passed back to the author who has done a fab job of rekindling my interest in colonial gaming.

Native Set Up Phase
Once the Tribesmen have set up they have the option of moving 2 locations prior to the first turn.  The rules do not cover if these moves can be declared as it is possible for British Screens to reach some possible locations on turn 1.

Declaring Units
Once a unit is declared it remains declared until it choose to become hidden again.

The rules imply that screens and forces do not normally occupy the same squares or act as parts of forces.  Is this correct.

Screen Combat. 
Should there be:
  • Screen v Screen
  • Force v Screen
  • Screen v Force
  • Screen v Screen & Force
  • Force & Screen v Screen & Force
secondly what happens if a Screen combat is drawn?

At game start it is permitted for the British player to strip out the main staging area of supplies and carry them forward with his forces.

Reinforcements (Pathan)
When rolling for Pathan reinforcements they must start from a village that is in revolt and can only be assigned to a tribe of the same clan as the starting village.

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