Friday, 13 December 2013

Central Front - BAOR - Turn 1 Phase 2 (NATO Ph1)

So the turn of NATO to respond.

I chose to ignore the NATO paralysis rule as I feel that it doesn't appy in 1985.

I have chosen to include some NATO Op graphics to show some possible theoretical deployment areas and use these to force the NATO forces into some realistic game options.  The original BAOR game allowed NATO forces to be intermingled for example the 2nd Panzer Grenadier Division units around Kassel would have been allowed to move into the area southwest of the Harz, ignoring the fact that this was the Belgian zone of Operations.

Anyway, we are where we are on this.  NATO hasn't managed to get as far forward as I would have liked.  FWIW If I do this again I would allow the NATO forces a 6 MP deployment move (but end on their FP Side).

Situation for NATO is a mix of good and bad.

In the North 207 MRD is in for a hard time as it will attract the attention of probably 3 Brigade equivalents of the WG I. Ge Corps forces.  That is what I deployed it there for to draw off forces from the South.

6 MSD is a little bit bogged down facing 9/12L and 10 MSD is having real trouble clearing out the Belgian recce forces.

35 MRD looks the best option for the WP player as it is almost completely unopposed and NATO are going to have to push elements of 4 ARMDDIV hard to contain it.

1 ARMDDIV looks to be in a good position and will be able to hold its sector again if the WP don't swing North in their coming turn.

3 ARMDDIV are suffering from their rear basing but are likely to be able to reach their area while 1 and 4 ARMDDIVs take the brunt of the fighting.

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  1. I have to say I am a huge fan of this project. I am starting to collect 3mm figures and will be using the board game Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light as a base set of rules heavily modified. I am trying to use the BAOR map as my guideline... I don't own the game so I have been going by feel until I saw your site. Can I pick your brain for help with my project?