Tuesday, 24 June 2014

WWII - BG Kursk - Back on the Steppe

BG Kursk hasn't had a lot of attention given to it in the last couple of months, but we have managed to arrange a gaming day in July so we fancied doing some WWII and as a result a tidy up has been possible.

The Germans had a quick sort through and I finished basing the Opel Blitz Trucks and the Sdkfz 251/2 Mortar vehicle

The PzIVG had a quick sort through and I need to finish off a couple of bits on theses (which you can see from the rear view below is where I didn't finish the exhausts off for some reason.  I also need to do another crewman as one of these is just in dark yellow from the airbrush

And speaking of airbrush, my old badger has given up the ghost so a Birthday prezzie from Aztek came my way.  Haven't quite gotten used to the double action but things are improving.

The Russians needed the biggest tidy up.  I had to cut a lot of new bases as I hadn't really ever finished these off

From being based in a consistent manner these are now waiting for a blast of Tamiya NATO Green to blend them together and then onto the detailing.

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