Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Central Front - BAOR - Turn 1 Phase 3

End of Op Phase 3 of turn 1 which equates to about 1200Z on the first day of World War III

The Belgians have won the race to the bridges and have also managed to get 3e Lancers into a blocking position in front of the lead MRR. Means that all my hard work painting Brits up has come to halt as it seems that Belgians are going to be where most of the action is going to be (less the 4 ARMDDIV meeting engagements for 20 & 33 ARMDBDEs

The next turn will see the WP 2nd Echelon armies arriving as well as 12 GTD for 28th Army and 35 MRD trying to push on. 10 MSD should also be able to push the Belgian Screen back as well allowing them to support the flank, but cannot really see them getting into a tangle for the Kassel crossings. 6 MSD I think is going to get a rough handling from the British but will need to watch their flank from the 2nd Ech stuff moving on.

There is a gap opening up between 1 and 4 ARMDDIV which could be exploited but that will need some timing to get right and 12 ARMDBDE may arrive in time to stop that avenue of approach. However, it may be time to launch some air assault now that the Brit deployment is firming up to cause it some problems.

Main problem I have is that I have a birds eye view of both sides and it is too easy to match the moves of one side. I haven't worked up any decision matrices for soloing this proper so it is being done on the fly. But I have managed to get a couple of "realistic" scenarios out of it so far.

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