Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Air Combat - Downtown - D2 Beginnings Planning Pt 1

Part of the downsize includes actually gaming with some of the stuff I have left with more.  As I am keeping my 1/600th aircraft I have decided to give Downtown a bit of a dusting off and do some more work on the solo rules.  I have an online game using Vassal next week and am going to use that for ideas and trying out somethings (ie I can play out how I am going to use the DRV and then see if my solo ideas come up with the same sort of options.

For now however this is the planning map for D2.  I have placed AAA Markers on all the AAA Barrage hexes and then selected the AAA Range option.  Two additional AAA hexes are placed as a result of the 4 AAA Points I have as the DRV, one of these goes on Vu Cha (which is a valid placement using the standard solo rules) and the other to the North East to plug the hole from Phantom Ridge.  I am keeping the other two AAA Points hidden at this time (as my opponent reads my blog :)  )

Oops. Planning map had my hidden AAA showing.  New map added

I haven't chosen the MiGs from the MAP pool yet as that happens after I roll for the Raid Warning info. 

As D2 only uses the USN entry hexes I haven't bothered populating the Western portion of the map (the bottom bit) yet, but will do.

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