Thursday, 22 January 2015

WOTR - Flags

Simple title and an idea of what the focus is going to be over the next couple of weeks or so. Order from Vexillia of some more of the excellent Freezywater flags and a reprint of the WOTR flags which they provide as a download together with whatever was left over from my initial attempts.

The Downloads from Vexillia have been rescaled and now match the freezywater ones which is a bonus and means that I have loads to choose from.  But, that will only give me the Heraldic flags and I still need to look at Banners and Livery flags.  Livery I don't think is going to be too much of a problem with ACOS as Captains can take from the heraldic set.  I might add one or two for where I have to use a noble as a proxy.  I now have the second pack of Lancastrian standards and while I prefer York it does mean at least that my hand is somewhat forced in terms of which nobles I will be representing on the table for that house.

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