Monday, 13 April 2015

Downtown - D1 - CSAR

After deciding that actually a CSAR attempt should have been feasible I knocked up this very quick scenario.
Table is just under 4' x 4' and comprises 8 tiles. 

moved the downed crew counters slightly (need to redo these but they were the biggest decals I could find over lunch)

The rescue mission is different as well. I don't have a Jollly Green so a later airframe is pressed into use escorted with a historical (for 27 July 65) escort of a 1 {2} A-1 Rescue Support and a 1 {2} B-57 Rescue Suppport.
The DRV get to place a light AAA marker adjacent to the downed aircrew and after that it is game time.  It won't be quick as the Jolly Green only has a speed of 1 :)

Turn 10

Turn 11

Turn 12
The B-57 is hit by AAA over the target but isn't badly damaged and picks up a -2 bomb modifier. No effect on the AAA is observed and the B-57 is hit again.  The A-1 lines up the AAA and the tracer starts to come up. Next turn should see the AAA hit by the Spad before the Jolly moves in

Turn 12 admin phase - disaster
DRV Crew capture roll is made and they scoop up both pilots with the Jolly in sight.

Actually more tense than a strike mission

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