Thursday, 16 April 2015

Downtown - D2 - Planning

D2 is more straightforward and doesn't use any SAMs. The Targets are known to both sides and the purpose of the scenario centres around Air to Air combat.  The scenario has the potential to be quite large with Phuc Yen being in play. By actually checking the map about the likely route I would take, I have now decided that this will be on 10 tiles using row 2 and 3 boards.  This gives a playing surface like this

The terrain shot is an early one. I have since changed the river colour to a brown and started work on the Hai Doung and Me Xa bridge complexes as well as Thai Binh and Nam Dinh.  Once I have completed those and added in all the additional rivers it will be time to go back and start painting the bare white target hexes.  I have held off doing those until I have done all the other ground work just in case I need to revisit the colour schemes and also how much terrain representation I need to do.

USN Aircraft will come enter from the South West, come West between Hanoi and the Hai Doung bridges before heading to either Kep or Vu Cha. Alternatively I could come in between Haiphong and Hai Doung.  Either way the MiGs will come up from either Kep or Phuc Yen which are central on the map surface.

I did think about coming along and behind Phantom Ridge but there aren't any SAMs and the idea of this scenario is to conduct Air to Air missions in support of the raid.

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