Monday, 27 April 2015

Downtown - D3(B) - USAF AAR Pt 2

I am actually glad I did run some more of this one out. It turned into a right wild west shoot out even with only 3 SAMs in play.

The tow Wild Weasel flights get into a bit of a mess selecting targets. Without an active RADAR to target, the Shrike on Red Flight isn't any good, so the flight aligns onto the active site West of Hanoi. This leaves Green to drop his CBU onto the detected, but currently inactive, site.

The rest of the raid is poised for the next stage in the mission, however the quiet SAM site suddenly comes up on the air and gains a partial acquisition on the Red Iron Hand flight. While the other site acquires Green.

SAM fire is triggered by US movement, the F-105F flight on the bomb run is targeted by a currently undetected SAM. Distracted by the SAM he reports no visible effect from his bomb run and the FAN SONG is still warbling away.  In a fit of exuberance I expanded all the CBU on one pass leaving the Iron Hand to head towards the egress.

So this leaves the SEAD force both getting some unwelcome attention from the two active SAM sites but to no effect

The Strikers are starting to get close when the SAMs start to come up and the DRV are likely to drop acquisition and move onto the bombers next turn.

Which they do and things begin to get interesting for the strikers

The SAMs have more targets than they can deal with and choose to target the SEAD force and are to trying to disrupt the strike.  One missile streaks toward the lead F-105 while the other still attempts to engage the persistent Weasel

A little too close to comfort, Weasel 2 has to jettison his CBUs and turn inside the SAM resulting in a loss of altitude.

Shoot Out Vietnam style. The two remaining SAM sites engaging the Weasels and the Strike force again.  At least the Weasel is drawing off fire that would be otherwise directed at the laden bombers.  The Jammers contributing to the combat when a FIRECAN unit goes on the air and begins RADAR directing AAA fire.

One SAM is at extreme range and the remaining Weasel continues his mission and begins to turn to take a run onto the target to try and close down the FIRECAN with the remaining Shrike.

Another flurry of SAM shots as the Strikers leave the target.  The FIRECAN causes another damaged result

The Strike package is egressing, the support remains in place to support the Recon effort

The RF-101C enters the table at Low Altitude and high speed like any respecting recon pilot should

A game of chicken.  The FIRECAN in the target is itching to shoot at the recon bird preventing the BDA, while the remaining Weasel (just off picture to the top) has declared its lining up for a Shrike shot.

The Shrike hits, leaving the recon bird to only have to deal with the local AAA.  BDA complete and the strike heads home to the O Club.  End result decisive victory to the US with huge smoke plumes rising from the ruined POL site.  Photo evidence confirms the pilots claims that the majority of the bombs landed within the site perimeter.

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