Thursday, 21 May 2015

Downtown - D4 - "the wheel of hurt"

With D3 being planned and about to go onto the wargame table, I have started looking at D4.  Which could be a bit of nightmare as the scenario options range from: USAF raids, a single USN carrier, two USN carriers attacking the same target and finally two USN carriers attacking different targets.  In addition this scenario is staged during the Northeast Monsoon/Clear period so there is a good chance of cloud as well.  No one said this would be easy :)

The full range of 10 targets is available with 5 each for the USAF or the USN.  So a a D10 roll will be used: 1-2 = Target 1, 3-4 = Target 2, etc etc.  I will roll for USMC jamming support when I play each variant.

The USAF are probably the easiest to play out as the only options are for a "major raid" which just adds an extra strike aircraft or the addition of an extra CAP flight.

The USN get the USS Coral Sea, USS Ticonderoga or USS Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The result of this is that I might need a few more F-4B flights made up as potentially there will be 12 on the table at anyone time.  I have plenty of A-4s in the painting queue so that wont be a problem.  This only becomes an issue if I fly the USN Dual Carrier v same target option.  Recon are all RF-8G as well so I can proxy in if I need to.

So game options will be
B.  USN Single Carrier
C.  USN Dual carrier v Different Targets.

Thinking about it, I won't playout the USN Dual carrier v same target option as I think that will be a roll back of the defenders and doesn't add a great deal from solo play.

It doesn't say it so the SAM Day/MiG Day rules wont be in force. So a good change to the see some MiG-21s.  SAM Defences are a heavier than D3 with 22 possible SAMs (18 + 4 Dummies) vs 18 (15 +3 Dummies) but AA is slightly lessened and the FIRE CANs remain the same.

Note to self, don't just check the dice numbers, check the hexes as well.  There are only 7 unique targets to be attacked.  With the exception of Kep everything else is in the middle of the map which means it is going to be hard to attack.

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