Monday, 2 May 2016

Ambush in the Bekaa Valley - 1982 Arab Israeli - Israeli Infantry Organisation

Israeli Platoon Structure would follow the line of

Platoon HQ
1 x Platoon Commander w/Galil
1 x Platoon Sergeant w/Galil
1 x Radio Operator w/Galil
3 x Rifleman w/Galil
1 x DMR
1 x 52mm Mortar
1 x Dragon ATGW

3 x Sections each comprising:

Section Command:
1 x APC Driver
1 x APC Gunner (MAG Gunner while section is mounted, moves to become Track commander when section dismounts)

1 x Section Commander w/Galil

 Fireteam 1:
2 x Rifleman w/Galil
1 x Grenadier w/Galil & 40mm GL

Fireteam 2:
2 x Riflemen w/Galil
1 x FN MAG gunner

Fireteam 3:
2 x Rifleman w/Galil
1 x Rifleman w/RPG & Galil

In addition as a lot of images show the M113 carrying two FN MAGs I might allow a second FN MAG to be dismounted but needing at TQ test to bring it off the vehicle

Attachments from the Asset cards would provide the additional support to either the platoon directly or supporting forces such as:
Magach (M48 and M60 variants)
M113 Carrying HMG Section of 2 .50 Cal HMG
M109A2 in a direct fire role or needing to be escorted
UAV support

More to follow as I think this through

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