Monday, 17 April 2017

BG Kursk - Sdkfz 251/3C

I wanted a Sdkfz 251/3C variant for BG Kursk but without the frame antenna.  I looked across a number of sprues for ideas and components.

The Sdkfz 250 Alte kit didn't throw anything up but did have the smaller seat set for the crew compartment.

The PSC 251 would be the base model but would need a bit of work.

The Sdkfz 251/D Model conversion sprue threw up small seats and a radio set.

Which I trimmed down from the surrounding plastic

 The 251 had the right hand side locating lugs removed and I shaved down the locator pin from the rear hull floor.

Seat locators were cut off

 Tried a a couple of ideas out using Bluetac to hold things in place

Made up storage boxes using strip styrene

 Added in the seat from the 251/9D and cut a box down to size. Trimmed off the rear mg bracket

steel wire frame shaped with pliers

Check for fit

 Filled in the rear bracket hole and ready for the undercoat.  I haven't done the external antennas yet and any crew will obscure the lower part of the radio mount


  1. Great job scratchbuilding! Love this!

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