Friday, 20 March 2015

5Core Brigade Commander - 4 CMBG

The 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group always makes an attractive wargames unit. I have fielded this unit on and off over the years. My Leopard C1s have been subsumed into my WG Pz Gr brigade and the M113s and M150s have joined the Israelis.  With the advent of 5Core Brigade Commander could be time for them to reappear. A trip into the spares box reveals a clutch of GHQ M113s and a M577 together with 3 Leopard 1A3/4 models. Enough to represent 3 RCR BG in terms of "First Clash".  NATO doctrine in the early 1980s precluded concentration to counter the nuclear threat so a typical Battalion frontage covered approximately 4km. Exactly the distance that a 3x3 5Core table provides.  

As I found with the Arab Israeli games you do need a certain mass for the system to work.  Stats for 4 CMBG units are already in existence so I will use those as a start point but TOW needs to be looked at to give Mech Infantry any chance. As does vehicle movement, possibly drop movement to 9" which is consistent with Company commander as I feel that 12" is too much on a small table. This of course depends on how much terrain can be placed.  The attack defence style scenario needs to have things like the obstacle belt in place as well.

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  1. One unusual thought to bump up the mech inf a bit is to take away the tank firing bonus against them.
    This assumes that the presence of additional ATGM keeps the tanks from engaging them effectively.
    May be a simpler solution than bumping up the firing of the mech inf.