Friday, 27 March 2015

Downtown - New Terrain Boards

My "20 minute challenge" time has been spent on doing a quarter of the new terrain boards for Downtown.  I have started off in the Northwest corner and will work westwards initially.  Once these 20 are done, I will then add additional southern rows in for the Thanh Hoa extension.

By starting in the NW means that I could add some extra room around Yen Bai for the CSAR scenario.  As I will also have some spare hexes at the western edge as well it means I can extend the routing for Phantom Ridge and also try some USN CSAR missions into the Hon Gai port area.  Not much extra terrain but just gives that extra bit of maneuvre room and means things dont hug the edges as much.

The broken terrain is being added first and then the whole board will be painted before I go back and add the ridge lines, roads, rivers and built up areas. I Ideally I would like to have done the BUA first but as I am going to use household paint on the surfaces I was a bit worried about it all getting lost in the gloop.  

Will need some new game markers as well as these are 1 1/2" hexes and the orginal mat had 2" ones.  That wont take long and I am more tempted to go square or circular bases this time around rather than hexes.

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