Tuesday, 10 March 2015

5Core Brigade Commander

I liked the look of the 5Core rule systems so was very interested in their Brigade level rules.  Anything which gets the toys out on the table in quick time gets my vote.  I threw some terrain down on the table and tried out the basic mechanisms using a Warsaw Pact Advanced Guard MR Battalion moving across a 3' x 3' table.  The defenders were isolated pockets of West Germans.  They would appear on a 5 or 6 roll on a D6 and the first time a unit appeared I would roll for type of unit.

As it turned out, a WG Panzer Grenadier unit, but only a company appeared on the table, which was dealt with in short shrift by the FSE.

For my forces I am using the standard MSH bases (30mm x 30mm) with two units making up a company. This means that I can use a single MSH base as an attachment without having to do any remodelling.

I followed this up with playing out a Soviet MRR vs a British 1,3 Mech Inf BG.  And bogged myself down a bit.  The 5Core rules are very elegant but I need to get my head around whether attachments should be present or not (ie accept the level of abstract) and also how to handle artillery support.  The ability to have "packets" of support is good and means that I can simulate the WP Artillery Doctrine as well as spreading the NATO jam around thinly.

More to follow on these.  As I don't have to paint anything up you might actually get to see some games :)

Some shots from Today's game while I am sat here convalescing.

Birds eye view of the 3' x 3' table with my home made terrain and Timecast buildings. Tthe D8 Markers indicate where a WG might be placed.

Large town using a 6" x 6" MSH Town sector

Road signs to add the period flavour

Terrain looking Eastwards

Another large town made up of two 3" x 3" sectors and a 6" x 3" Petrol station, again all by Timecast

Last of the road network

FSE and Regt Recce Coy manouvre.  The D8 are the possible locations for WG units.  I rolled a D6 whenever a unit moved within 12" to check if it activated.

A company of Marders deployed on the woodline

The FSE Firepower sent them bailing for cover, which then allowed the FSE to start flanking while the Recce Coy maintained a watch

Battalion main body moves up in support.  Again just getting to grips with the make up so for the time being trying to keep things doctrinal :)


  1. I played my first game of Company Commander today and have been thoroughly converted! I shall watch with interest how your Brigade Commander project evolves.

  2. Hey gang, NWG guy here. Glad you like the rules and a very nice table setup you have there.

    Was this in 6 or 3mm?

    1. Hi Ivan, this is 6mm. My North West Europe is all in this scale even though I am sorely tempted to go 3mm

    2. Those 3mm figures are super tempting aren't they? I dig 6mm as well since it's big enough you can base in teams or individual vehicles as the project demands but I was blown away at how nice the 3mm picoarmour stuff is.