Friday, 14 May 2021

Late production Panzer IV J

 So my frankenstein Panzer IVJ which now has parts from two manufacturers and 5 different kits.

I want to make up three, 2 mid production which will be easy as that is just the exhaust system and simplified construction and 1 late production version which I am considering making into the OP variant.  That will have the StuG cupola and artillery periscope added.  It might not quite be practical as a gaming model but we will see.

I Started with the revised rear plate and tracks from the BF Jagdpanzer IV kit

With the idea of using a standard Panzer IV Turret with the PSC Turret armour applied

And the additional 80mm Bow armour

Pistol ports removed

Then I changed my mind and went with a set of Panzer IV J tracks. And removed the old style antenna mount

Late style cupola

Starting to come together

Also removed all the vision ports from the turret

And also removed the left hand port from the turret face.

Found a decent mantlet (the one on the right)

All mated together

Additional detail on the turret roof

Added the reinforced ring around the base of the cupola, new shovel and track sets

A bit more consolidation

Front detail added.  I want to go back and add the front tow hooks.

An now starting on the tubular schurzen rails.  

Still need to do the front brackets and then fit the bar before making the mesh side skirts

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