Saturday, 15 September 2012

Great War - Russian

I have no history for any Russian unit at present so this unit will be a generic formation present at Stalluponen or Gumbinnen in 1914.
Elements of the Starter Army I bought a long time ago. I have now started adding units to it. The white undercoated bases have now been painted so I have just under two full regiments painted up (two of which is about half the necessary Infantry so the Divisions are massive). My next Pendraken Order has 90 Infantry in it which will begin to fill the Infantry up for this. Need to look at the Artillery support which is historically weak with only two artillery battalions per Division with a total of 6 - 8 Batteries, compared to a German division which has 12 Batteries, in 4 Battalions. Might have to rely on the Stoicism of the infantry to enemy firepower to hold the line!
So Pendraken Order has arrived only to find that I ran out of bases as I did a few extra German troops during the week...Doh! More on order but currently means I only have 10 battalions of Russians done for Monday's game! If my mate can get a pack in the post to me tomorrow I can be upto 13 Battalions! Only another 3 left to order then which will be another two packs of RP1 Infantry. At least I have all the MGs!


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