Saturday, 15 September 2012

Great War - 1916 British (RFA)

I had two 10mm Pendraken starter armies from a long time ago, to fuel my interest in WW1 Eastern Front operations. As with most things it didn't take too much time until I had delved into the Western Front.  I took most of the Pendraken British packs to make sure I had a wide variety of poses and type of figures to create a 1916 themed Empire force.

These are the results of the Artillery forces (RFA) needed.  I have some more still waiting to get under the paint brush with Soft hats as well as a much needed Howitzer Battery.

Little trick I found when putting the guns together (applies to any 10mm gun probably) is to put a small drop of liquid green stuff into the hole first, then put superglue on the spigot and then push into the hole. Sets quickly and seems to give a stronger joint.

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